Up Rural! (Let’s Green, Digital and animate Rural Inclusive Territories) is an Erasmus+ funded collaboration project between 7 Partners across 6 countries – Ireland, Romania, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Spain.

Let’s green, digital and animate rural inclusive territories!


This project has been funded by the European Union.

Up-Rural! Multiplier Event Ireland
Pallasgreen Community Centre
18th November 2023

Ballyhoura Development, recently hosted the Up-Rural! Multiplier event, at the Ballyhoura Winter Networking Forum, hosted by Pallasgreen Community Council. Attendees included relevant stakeholders, working in community development, local community groups from across the Ballyhoura area, representatives from the local authorities, county counsellors and Think-tank for Action on Social Change (Tasc).  

A workshop format facilitated open discussion, sharing of information and key learnings from the project. The value of collaboration, partnership and learning from other European countries was strongly emphasised by community members participating in the EU Erasmus+ Up-Rural! Project.

Community members shared their experiences of visiting partner EU countries to learn and share insights from the Ballyhoura experience of community and rural development, with overwhelming support for building stronger links with areas similar to local communities, to facilitate further learning and exchanges. 

The Up-Rural! interactive learning platform, showcasing the module content, as well as the innovative video and branch scenarios, was well received as an engaging, accessible and inventive teaching and learning tool. 

The event successfully provided a platform for the following:

  • Dissemination of project results and lessons learned.
  • Highlight the effects of the Up-Rural! project and community animation.
  • Provide opportunities for participants to access future employment
  • Suitable networking environment for future benefits of the project
  • Promote the benefits of green activities and support digitisation in rural areas

There was a strong focus on green, inclusive and sustainable communities with added input on:

  • The Sustainable Development Goals
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Green and Just Transition for the Ballyhoura Development area

The Up-Rural! Multiplier event provided key information and guidance for local-led community development, with a strong focus on increased collaboration, towards green, digital and inclusive territories.

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