UpRural! is an Erasmus+ funded collaboration between 7 Partners across 6 countries – Ireland, Romania, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Spain.


Rural areas across Europe face similar challenges, demographic change, connectivity, low income and limited access to services while at the same time present a number of opportunities in relation to the environment, food production and unique cultures.

This is a research and training project that aims to increase the number of trained Community Development personnel in rural areas throughout Europe. Training will focus on supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable groups across the partners territories

This project aims to create a lasting impact in local communities by raising awareness on the environment, just transition and the transition to a green, digitalized and sustainable Europe.

Over the next year project partners will work on a workplace training needs analysis, creating curriculum and training materials as well as an online training platform.

In 2023 the project team will be seeking participants from rural communities to take part in a Community Development officer training programme.

This will include a 5-day work-based learning placement in Romania.

Project partners & Countries:

Project Outcomes

  • Training Needs Analysis with Regional Development stakeholders.
  • Development of Curriculum & Training materials available through Open Access.
  • Development of an Open Access education platform & Digital Assessment path.

UpRural! Multiplier Events

Project partners will host interactive Multiplier Events in their respective countries to inform relevant stakeholders of the project outcomes and results. The events will aim to disseminate, promote and discuss the outputs, outcomes and general experiences and findings from the project

UpRural! in Ireland is planned for November 2023.

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