Up Rural! (Let’s Green, Digital and animate Rural Inclusive Territories) is an Erasmus+ funded collaboration project between 7 Partners across 6 countries – Ireland, Romania, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Spain.

Let’s green, digital and animate rural inclusive territories!


This project has been funded by the European Union.

Innovation Hive, our Greek partner, recently hosted the third Transnational Partners' meeting in Larrissa. Joined by representatives from Ballyhoura Development CLG (Ireland), project lead Asociația GAL Napoca Porolissum (Romania), Synthesis (Cyprus), GEInnova (Spain), Exeo Lab (Italy), and Edufor (second Romanian partner).

This project management meeting focused on a thorough review of project activities and deadlines and included a discussion of outstanding issues. Updates on module development, next steps and deadlines were confirmed, along with digital learning platform updates and follow-up actions.

Presentations were provided by Irish and Italian partners on Communication & Dissemination, Quality Assurance and Evaluation.

The fourth and final Transnational Partners Meeting will be held in Potenza, Italy in September and will be hosted by Exeolab, our Italian partner.

Rural areas across Europe face similar challenges, demographic change, connectivity, low income and limited access to services, while at the same time, there are a number of opportunities in relation to the environment, food production and unique cultures.

This is a research and training project that aims to increase the number of trained Community Development personnel in rural areas throughout Europe. Training will focus on supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable groups across the partners' territories.

This project aims to create a lasting impact in local communities by raising awareness of the environment, just transition and the transition to a green, digitalised and sustainable Europe.

The project team are currently seeking participants from rural communities to take part in an online digital training programme for Community Development officers.

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Successful participants will have the opportunity to engage in a transnational work-based learning programme taking place in Romania in October 2023.

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