Up Rural! (Let’s Green, Digital and animate Rural Inclusive Territories) is an Erasmus+ funded collaboration project between 7 Partners across 6 countries – Ireland, Romania, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Spain.

Let’s green, digital and animate rural inclusive territories!


This project has been funded by the European Union.

Learn, Teach & Train Activities 
Ballyhoura area - Ireland
November 6th  - November 10th  2023
Ballyhoura Development, recently hosted the LTTA, Work Based Learning for Future Employment - Ireland, based in Coote Hall, Kilmallock and surrounding rural communities. Thirty participants, from across the partner territories of Asociația GAL Napoca Porolissum (Romania), Ballyhoura Development CLG (Ireland), GEInnova (Spain), Synthesis (Cyprus), Exeo Lab (Italy) and Innovation Hive (Greece), engaged in the initiative.

Participants engaged in practical activities, relating to the role of community development officer, in the following areas:

  • Development of sustainability documents to include sustainability reports.
  • Carry out green activities with local communities.
  • Work with and for disadvantaged people.
  • Produce digital communications e.g. share work on social networks.
  • Highlight and make community problems visible.

Activities included: 
•    Energy and Sustainability Audit of community building using Home Energy Saver Kits.
•    Practical activity at Slí Eile to prepare for Christmas market.
•    Rural transport & community facilities audit.
•    Cultural and social event at Deebert House Hotel with A Taste of Ballyhoura menu.

Community Development Skills included:

  • Sustainability & Green
  • Teamwork & leadership
  • Digital & traditional communication
  • Networking & relationship building
  • Promotion & animation
  • Time management
  • Project management
  • Presentation

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