This 6-week online course will familiarise participants with the concepts, language, challenges and benefits of the Energy Transition and the move away from fossil fuels. It will also look at community benefits and actions which communities can consider.

All are welcome and no prior knowledge is required.

With the increasing focus on climate change, and what this will mean for individuals, communities and across Irish society, these 6 sessions aim to equip participants with a basic knowledge around Climate Change, Renewable Energies, the Green Transition and the impact they will have on our everyday lives.

What's involved? 

The course aims to provide participants with the confidence and competence to take part in conversations around the Energy Transition and Climate Change. Sessions will be facilitated in a relaxed online forum, providing plenty of opportunities for discussion and debate.

The sessions will cover a broad range of topics, such as:

  • Home energy use and energy efficiency;
  • Renewable energy technologies;
  • Planning for community energy opportunities;
  • Community benefit funds;
  • Just Transition - challenges and opportunities;
  • Demystifying the jargon;
  • Opportunities to chat and network with others.

Guest speakers will participate, and we hope to facilitate a study trip midway through the course if there is sufficient interest from participants.

This is a FREE course commencing on Tuesday, February 8th until Tuesday, March 15th from 7:30pm to 9pm for 6 weeks.


To register, please click the link below.


For any further information contact Nicole Dennehy at [email protected] or 0860660561

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