Ballyhoura Development is working towards all of the sustainable development goals but let's take a closer look at SDG 7!

Ballyhoura Development is specifically working towards:

  • Target 7.2 ‘By 2030, increase substantially the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix’ and
  • Target 7.3 ‘By 2030, double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency’.

Ballyhoura Development is the lead and a partner of the Mid-West & South-West Sustainable Energy Communities. and promotes, supports and enables communities to work collectively to implement sustainable energy projects within their communities. Sustainable Energy Communities lead the charge for local sustainability measures and awareness.

Ballyhoura Development is also the lead partner in AquaCOM an Interreg North West Europe Project Co-Funded by the European Union. AquaCOM enhances the uptake of aquathermal heating and cooling systems by energy communities in North-West Europe, through the development of a replicable governance and technical model, and the delivery of training and capacity-building activities.

Ballyhoura Development is also lending Home Energy Saving Kits out to communities which is a toolkit designed to help identify areas in the home where you can save energy and make your home more comfortable.

What can you do?

Start a Sustainable Energy Community (SEC) in your area.

A Sustainable Energy Community is any group of people who come together to improve how energy is used for the benefit of their community.

They look at how we can use energy in a sustainable, holistic way. A SEC can include a range of different energy users in the community such as homeowners, sports clubs, community centres, local businesses and churches.

In this way, a SEC connects sustainable energy, local economic development and public wellbeing. Communities are provided with mentoring and technical support at every stage, so there is no need for communities to have any prior energy knowledge or experience.

Sustainable Energy Communities Programme

Borrow a Home Energy Kit 

Ballyhoura Development is making 4 x Home Energy Savings Kits (HESKs) available for loan to communities in the Ballyhoura area.

These will be particularly useful for Sustainable Energy Communities. With the help of 5 easy-to-use tools and exercises, the Home Energy Saving Kit is a toolkit designed to help identify areas in the home where you can save energy and make your home more comfortable.

Home Energy Saving Kit

Host a Community Energy Night 

Contact Ballyhoura Development to host an information night in your community, the session will focus on how energy is used in the home and how to understand your energy usage, there will be lots of tips and tricks to reduce your use.

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